Difference Maker 40 Day Fast

February 14 - March 25, 2018

February 14th through March 25th will serve as a concentrated time of fasting and prayer where we as a church collectively turn our hearts to God for 40 days, uniting in faith to lay aside every burden, insecurity and sin that has hindered God's will from being done in and through our lives in the past.  The fasting schedule is daily from sunrise to sundown (6AM to 6PM) beginning Wednesday, February 14th and ending on Palm Sunday, March 25th with the commencement of Holy Week.  There are three ways you can participate in this church-wide fast:

  1. Total Fast (water only 6AM-6PM) 
  2. Juice Fast (100% juice and water only 6AM-6PM)
  3. Fruit & Vegetable Fast (fruits, vegetables and water only 6AM-6PM)

We've compiled a 40-day devotional to guide us through our journey, providing daily scripture readings and thought-provoking questions to encourage us in our faith as we cheerfully and intentionally embrace His declaration over us in 2018 that "We are His Difference Makers!" 

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