Salt & Light
Sunday, January 8, 2017

Salt & Light 2017

By Pastor Kevin Brown

Both salt and light are disruptive.  Neither of them exist in a quiet passive way neither of them come without disruption.

To ready ourselves and to position our hearts we are beginning this year with a 21-day fast beginning tomorrow January 9th and ending January 29th. We’re calling it Unleashing God’s Disruptive Power 21-days of fasting and prayer because God is going to come in, He's going to cause some things to come out and He is bringing some things together.  During the Unleashing God’s Disruptive Power 21-day fast, we will pray three times a day—morning, midday and evening—focused on the following areas: come in, come out and come together. 



Sunday, December 31, 2016

New Year’s Eve celebration

By Pastor Kevin Brown

2016 was a LEAP year. God’s intent in 2016, was for us to LEAP out of our strength, out of our ways and out of our desired ends. He was calling us to LEAP into His strength, His ways and His desired ends. We are living in a series of divinely orchestrated events. God is moving us from dependence upon our strength, into a place of rest, where we cease from our works and enter into His. LEAP was not just a word just for 2016. LEAP’ing is the way of life God has declared over us. We will be LEAP’ing until that day, soon to come, when we LEAP and are caught up forever to be with Him.


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